2022 VA Gov Cup Results

The Albacores had a great turnout at the VA Governor’s Cup this year at Ware River.  It was great to see several of the Ware River members out sailing in the Albacores!  We had 15 boats total registered and out and one point or another.  Ware River is one of my favorite places to sail and this year did not disappoint.  The weather was more pleasant then usual and it was not particularly sweltering or windless.

Saturday was a little light and shifty and at the end of the day the scores were very tight with a 5 point spread for the top 5 boats.  When they called racing at 3PM, the wind was starting to come up.  Celeste and I decided to stay out and convinced Eva, Tyler, Greg, and Lloyd to stay out with us.  Not only did we get to do some tuning and practice, but the wind piped up further out in the bay to about 15 and provided some fun non racing conditions.  This also let us avoid the backup that often happens at the ramp.  Sunday’s sailing was also good.  The wind velocity was still pretty up and down and very shifty.  At times you could feel like you were in last and then some crazy lift that brought you back in the running.

The weekend overall was quite good.  The dinner was tasty and it was fun hanging out as a fleet past dark when the bugs finally came out.  There were a few on shore boat work and tuning recommendations made for older boats.

Thanks to all the Ware River boats participating, the Albacores solidly won the Gov cup this year.  Big thank you to everyone for showing up.

Results are here!

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