CBYRA High Point Announcement

The Chesapeake Yacht Racing Association (CBYRA) has resumed awarding an overall High Point Awards for One Design Dinghy racing. 2024 will be the second year in a row for the Albacore class that the regattas held by CBYRA member clubs will count as part of an overall circuit. Last year 9 Albacore class members participated with Barney Harris, Michael Heinsdorf and Greg Jordan securing the top 3 slots.

This year we will join 14 other classes in seeing who the best dinghy racers are on the bay. Details on what events count as High Point events and the specific rules for CBYRA One Design and High Point events can be found in the CBYRA Blue Book. CBYRA membership is required to participate in the series so please join or renew your membership today! CBYRA members should also expect registration discounts at most if not all eligible regattas.

Tyler Phillips
CBYRA Albacore Representative & One Design Division Chair

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